Seblat : The Last Fortress

Elephants have played an important part in many Asian civilisations since centuries ago. Hindus believe that elephants are gods of knowledge and wisdom in the form of Ganesha. White elephants in Thailand are the holy animals. In Sumatra, according to a report from Marcopolo, elephants are a symbol of the power and most belonged to the king. But nowadays, Sumatran elephants have been listed as critically endangered.

The population of Sumatran elephants is declining due to the expansion of oil palm plantations, illegal logging, mining, and human-animal conflicts. In Seblat, North Bengkulu, a conservation project was carried out to manage human-elephant conflict and protect the forest. The elephants in this forest are guarded by mahouts. Seblat is one of the forests which is the last place for Sumatran elephant defense.