The Land of Brotherhoods

Maluku in the 1999-2001 period was an island whose inhabitants did not want to inhabit. The conflict caused by religious issues is the case. Civil war spread to Southeast Maluku. At that time, in the southwest, one island with a community that embraced various religions lived peacefully. Some conflict victims fled to the island.

Tanimbar Kei island is between the Banda Sea and Arafura. Traveling by local ships was one way to reach Tanimbar Kei because Pelayaran Nasional Indonesian (Pelni), Indonesian ship company, and commercial vessels did not reach to this island.

Believe that all humans are brothers is the norm of life held by the people of Tanimbar Kei. For them, the religion was new, while brotherhood had existed since their land was created. Therefore the people of Tanimbar Kei were not provoked by the conflict and lived peacefully until now.