The Sinking Java (on-going)

In the last 15 years, about 10.000 hectares of land in the coast line of northern Java had disappeared due to erosion. The island gets smaller and smaller. There are less and less land for people to live in the north coast. Flash floods could happen any day every month. The sea water knocking on the doorsteps. The fish ponds, mosques and schools have turned into ruins. The rising of the sea level is taking away lives of the small villages around the north coast of Java.

Thus, the villagers have to adapt to survive. Because they have nowhere else to go. Even though their houses are being washed away by the floods every now and then. Who knows how long they could survive. The series is documenting the pain of the people live in the north coastal line of Java, and the life they have to go through, as the island keeps on sinking.